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About Me

Karlaa Gregory (Williams), a Newport News native, is a Digital Marketing Analyst at one of the top gearmotor companies in the US. Karlaa served as the Epistoleus or Historian/Public Relations Officer of the Norfolk Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc for five years. Since her induction into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., in 2011, Karlaa has always desired to better brand herself and the chapter. Upon graduating from Old Dominion University in 2012 with a honors degree in Public Relations & Communications, she continued interned at local Susan G. Komen office and later, in 2013, was offered a position at Seton Youth Shelters. After three years of improving her skills, she joined Liberty Tax's Social Media Team in the Digital Marketing Department. As life happens, Karlaa soon found herself as the Digital Marketing Analyst at Sumitomo Drive Technologies in Chesapeake, VA.


While doing what she loves from 9-5 she uses her talents to further a new step in her life – membership in the graduate chapter. Karlaa proceeded to assist branding the chapter for the dynamic entity that it is. With a new logo, brochure, business cards, a bustling social media presence, Karlaa was overjoyed that people saw her skills as useful and not just "a hobby".  Karlaa is a dedicated member who is committed to supporting the sorority programs and offering her assistance and service to the community wherever needed.


Karlaa is a motivated self-starter, always looking to learn more. When she was in elementary school, she begged her grandmother to buy a Spanish/English dictionary and some old Spanish 101 books from the local thrift store. Karlaa used these books to teach herself beginners Spanish and stayed ahead of the class when she reached middle and high school. Karlaa takes the same initiatives to very day (without grandma's money.) She's always listening to podcasts, subscribing to newsletters and webinars about digital marketing tactics and updates. The world is always changing and you can't be successful if you aren't open to new things.


Karlaa noticed her talents growing stronger and the demand for her work increasing. She decided to begin freelancing and consulting. Since then she has designed, redesigned websites such as www.thehootallnatural.comwww.thearkkgroup. and others.


Raised by her grandmother, Karlaa learned that not everything in life comes easy without hard work. Always perceived as "different", Karlaa learned that being herself was the best thing she could be, and the people that mattered would believe the same. Using her life experiences as someone from Downtown Newport News who, "made it out", Karlaa would visit her high school NJROTC unit and gives motivational speeches to the older cadets who are thinking about college or other opportunities. Full of life and ambition, many say Karlaa is always cheerful, there to bring a smile or a joke and brightening up the room. 


Karlaa currently resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and fur-child, Luna.


  • Other job titles: Whovian, Pokemon Master, Ravenclaw c/o 2009, Duel Master, Rebel Fighter Pilot and State Alchemist. 

  • Favorite pattern: Cheetah & Leopard print

  • Favorite past time: Shopping at Ulta and relaxing at home.

  • Favorite band: The Backstreet Boys